IFC will launch a series of parent support groups this summer. While each parenting journey is unique we have found it to be powerful tool for our families to have the chance to connect with other parents who are on a similar path. Parenting a child with sensory, developmental, or emotional challenges requires a very different form of discipline, structure, and nurture that many outside of those challenges have trouble understanding.

The Connected Parenting Support group is specifically for parents of children with differences who desire to parent their children in a connected way. The complex social, educational, and regulation challenges that face children with differences are not well understood by the outside world. While children with differences are often misunderstood by strangers and loved ones alike as “bad”, we want to open a dialogue about how to support our children as we fight back against this message.

TraumaMamas is a support group for mothers who are parenting children who have experienced trauma. Parenting children with a developmental trauma history requires a connected, unique approach to discipline that people who do not share this experience struggle to understand. It can be isolating and lonely at times, so we meet once a month, on the first Saturday of each month, to connect and support one anther on this journey. We partner with Sassack Family Acupuncture to alternate between city and suburb locations. This group is co-lead by Julianne Neely and Jasmine Sassack. Between them they have diverse personal and professional experience guiding children from toddlers to young adults through a variety of developmental traumas including medical trauma, neglect, abuse, and abandonment. Due to the intimate nature of this group, space is extremely limited. Contact us for more information.

Coming soon: Transracial Adoption Support and Parenting Children with Depression & Anxiety

While your IFC therapists work to coach you to find more effective strategies to parent your child in light of their challenges, other parents who are in the trenches can support you along the way. It’s tough to feel like you’re the only one and IFC wants you to know, you’re not alone.