We offer a unique approach called Through the Eyes of a Child℠

After working in both the public and private sector, we at Individual and Family Connection have seen all too often how families and children who are struggling become isolated and overwhelmed. This leads many families to feel that they will never regain control of their lives. This period of crisis is alarming, and is also the most critical for interventions and learning new tools to cope. Our commitment is to assist children and families during these crucial times so that their struggles can become more manageable. Additionally, we work with parents and children proactively to prevent their current situation from escalating further.

Using a unique approach called Through the Eyes of a Child℠, we put ourselves in the child’s situation. We engage the attention of parents and children, and if necessary, teachers, coaches, or other people of influence in a child’s life. We work together with these individuals to identify a variety of tools that can be implemented in a child’s day to day life. Coordinating with these important people in a child’s life also gives us a deeper understanding of a child’s struggle, and allows us to best help him or her overcome the challenges that impair function, or ability to regulate his or her mood.

We specialize in working with children, teens, young adults and families. Often, struggling children are unable to understand why they feel so unhappy and are unable to articulate their needs. When working with children and teens we work just as closely with the parents as we do the child. We work with our families to help them recognize the tools they have within themselves, and how to use those tools to communicate effectively and identify solutions for their problems.

Our Mission Statement

It is the mission of Individual and Family Connection to empower families to more deeply connect with one another and to assist them in maintaining that connection through difficult times. We guide caregivers to better respond to their children’s behavioral and emotional needs through providing direct service, education, advocacy, and by building strong alliances in the community. Together with their support systems, we work to promote balance and wellbeing for children by providing quality pediatric mental health services.