The treatment process

During treatment we give each child in our practice the support he or she needs, through helping them understand why they are struggling, validating their feelings, and giving each child a new set of skills and tools to triumph. The ultimate goal of treatment is to empower our clients to no longer need therapy by developing their ability to use the skills taught in therapy. As progress is made toward your goals, therapy appointments will decrease in frequency and we will work towards a completion session. It is not uncommon for clients or parents of clients to remain in contact with their therapist through phone calls or emails even after therapy has completed. This communication is often important for ensuring continued success and is offered at no additional fee. Additionally, it is not uncommon for clients to come back several months later for a ‘check in’ session once therapy has completed.

Choosing the right pediatric therapist for your child is important, one that can be difficult to navigate. We invite you to contact us to discuss our approach with our intake coordinator who will help you find the best fit. If you decide to pursue treatment, we will schedule an introductory session between 45-60 minutes long. This is the time when we’ll discuss the right course of treatment and timeframe you can expect for successful completion. This is a collaborative effort between parents and IFC specialists. We want you to know we consider this an important step to building your trust and confidence in us.