Welcome to Individual and Family Connection

We’re an independent pediatric therapy practice located in the heart of Chicago, IL. Our therapists dedicate their careers to helping children, ages 18 months through young adulthood, effectively navigate the challenges before them. These may include a bully on the playground, self-esteem issues, peer relationships, a traumatic event, family transition (such as divorce or new sibling), and domestic violence. We also help children experiencing grief, attachment issues, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, some medically complex conditions, and anxiety.

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Each child is unique. At IFC, we don’t believe there’s a one size fits all solution for the children we see in our practice. We offer a unique approach called Through the Eyes of a Child℠, where we become part of a child’s world, working with parents, teachers, coaches and other persons of influence in your child’s life. This allows us to deepen our understanding of your child’s challenges, and create an effective, customized treatment plan that works in a compassionate and timely manner.

We often hear from parents that they are grateful to have a place to discuss their challenges where they feel safe, heard and comfortable. We want to support you and your child too. Call us at 773-270-0469 or send us an email at for more information.